A Hymn To All Born Babies

Stress Free Pregnancy

Yes baby, you were born with soft and warm skin because it needs our touch, because you need your mother to sleep next to you, to make you feel safe, loved and protected.

Yes baby, you were born to sleep on your mother’s lap, close to her chest where it calms you down and you feel reassured she is there, where you don’t feel scared or defenseless, where you don’t have cramps, vomit, where you can hear her heart.

Yes baby, you will not want to sleep all night, you will wake up to make sure your mom is there, to make sure she cares, to make sure you are not alone, because she is your safety.

Yes baby, you want to see mom, feel mom every moment, because you were born to be with her, to feel cared for and your needs to be met.

Yes baby, you love your mom more than anything, you want to smell mom, hear mom, drink mom, eat mom, sense mom always always always.

Yes baby, you will want to go everywhere with mom, as it was before, inside of her belly, because she is your reference, you still feel her as part of your body, your energy, your emotions, your knowledge and understanding of the outside world, she is still your universe.

Yes baby, you will learn everything from your parents, so they will speak with you softly, they will not lose themselves when you feel lost in your emotions and they will say yes to you many times, laugh and hug you, teach you that love sets you free, and that indifference makes you feel unconnected, unsettled, angry and afraid.

Your parents know they are the ones regulating your emotions and your sense of trust, love, and belonging, and don’t worry, they will play, play a lot with you.

Yes baby, you are a human baby, mammal, primate, dependent on us, you are not macro-demanding but I am so sorry if we became micro-patients, micro-tolerant, micro-available, and micro-responders.

I know baby, you came into our lives to make us understand that if we want a slightly better, more humane, loving and generous world, we should start by practicing it with you.

By Susana Lopes – Prenatal Educator – TheStressFreePregnancy.com


Who am I?

Hi! I am Susana, I am a prenatal educator and a yoga teacher. In my daily life, if I am not with my 3 kids, I a serve and give support to the needs of new mothers and their babies. I am the founder of the Stress Free Pregnancy Program to help pregnant women better control the stress of their daily lives and deeply connect with their baby inside.  

For me conscious pregnancy, birth and motherhood involve a much deeper connection to yourself, to your body, to your emotions, to the power of your femininity, and a deeper connection and communication with your baby as you surrender to the process of life. I am also the author of the book Yoga and Motherhood (Yoga e Maternidade – released in Portuguese), a member of the APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and President of the Norwegian Association of Prenatal Education.  I have over fifteen years of experience and have taught hundreds of women worldwide. 


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