30 min prenatal yoga practice

Stress Free Pregnancy

A quick prenatal yoga practice for you to do at home!

This is a prenatal yoga practice for 30 minutes, based in all the information I have included in my book Yoga e Maternidade / Yoga and motherhood – english version coming soon! This practice can be done in any stage of your pregnancy as long as you feel confortable.

If this is the first time you start your practice, remember that you are in a very special and transformative phase of your life so redouble your care, listen to your own body and your baby, and do not ignore any sense of discomfort or tension. Each exhalation of relief should be observed as a sign of your body, even if you are already used to practicing yoga.

2 minutes    

Beginning of the practice

Put on a soothing and relaxing music, close your eyes, gather your senses and slow down your breathing. Put both hands on your baby and become aware of the sublime connection between the two. Invite your baby to share your yoga practice with you.
6 minutes   yoga mom mentor  

Breathing technique

Lie on your back or on your side, as it is most comfortable for you and your baby. Put your hands on your baby and keep a slow and deep breath. The exhalation should last twice as long as your inhalation. Visualize in each inhalation an orange light bringing health and vitality to you, your body and your baby. And, in each exhalation, visualize a blue celestial light releasing any tension that you may feel, bringing harmony and peace to you, your body and your baby.


seconds to each side
  yoga mom mentor  

Side bending position

Stand up, spread your legs at a comfortable distance, raise your right arm vertically by bending it slightly over your head, and keep your left arm bent with your hand over your baby. Tune with your baby, and slowly, maintaining your spine alignment, begin to bend sideways to the left staying there just for 2 or 3 natural breathes, and then repeat to the right side.


seconds to each side
  yoga mom mentor  

Balance position

Standing up, focus on one point forward to maintain your balance, keep your left foot on the floor, and raise your right leg forward and bent. Keep your arms relaxed at the side. Then repeat to the right side. Focus your body and your mind.
1 minute   yoga mom mentor  

Foreward bending position

Stand with your feet parallel to the width of your hip and bend your legs. Then raise your arms straight and make a good stretch. Flip forward at 45 degrees with your thighs, placing your hands on your thighs with your thumbs facing back to support the entire abdominal and lumbar area. Breathe deeply and rest with your baby, close your eyes.

30 seconds

to 1 minute
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Back bending position

Stand with your parallel feet hip-width apart and keep your legs straight. Raise your arms upright and do a good stretch. Lower your arms to the side and place your clenched hands behind your back, in the lower back, for better support of this entire region. Flips your back behind and enjoy the opening of your heart chakra.
1 minute   yoga mom mentor  

Position for strengthening your leg muscles

Standing with your feet slightly apart, raise your arms forward and bend your legs to a comfortable position, stay for 2 or 3 natural breaths.
1 minute   yoga mom mentor  

Pelvic opening position

Stand with your feet parallel and legs apart to a comfortable width. Always keep your spine upright and your feet flat on the floor, begin bending your legs until the tailbone approaches the floor. Place your arms open outstretched laterally, pulling your knees apart. You are preparing yourself for labor.


Seconds to each side
  yoga mom mentor  

Twist position

Sitting cross-legged in a comfortable position, interlace your fingers behind your head and rotate your torso to the left. Breath deeply and enjoy your twist. Then repeat to the right side.
1 minute   yoga mom mentor  

Forward bending position

On the floor with your knees apart and with your arms straight forward on the floor, relax and feel the relaxation of your entire spine and pelvis. Connect with your baby, breathe easily, develop a thrill of love and joy, and with each inspiration share it with your baby.
1 minute   yoga mom mentor  

Position for stimulating blood circulation on the legs

Lying on your back raise your legs slightly apart. Or lying on your side raising one leg at a time. Move your feet back and forward, back and forward.
10 minutes   yoga mom mentor  

Relaxation technique

Put yourself in a lying position on your back or side as you feel most comfortable. Breathe slowly and deeply and visualize your baby as a cosmic being that encapsulates all knowledge of the universe, whose vibration transmutes and delights everyone who touches it, starting with yourself, assimilating feelings of affection and joy between the two.
3 minutes   yoga mom mentor susana lopes  

Meditation and positive thinking

Focus on your soft, quiet breathing for a few seconds and then be more aware of your breathing, cradling your baby, harmonizing yourself with your baby's rhythm, stimulating the internal connection between the two.


At the end of the practice, give thanks to the Great Mother Nature for the gift of life within you and your baby to share your practice with you.


Who am I?

Hi! I am Susana, I am a prenatal educator and a yoga teacher. In my daily life, if I am not with my 3 kids, I a serve and give support to the needs of new mothers and their babies. I am the founder of the Stress Free Pregnancy Program to help pregnant women better control the stress of their daily lives and deeply connect with their baby inside.  

For me conscious pregnancy, birth and motherhood involve a much deeper connection to yourself, to your body, to your emotions, to the power of your femininity, and a deeper connection and communication with your baby as you surrender to the process of life. I am also the author of the book Yoga and Motherhood (Yoga e Maternidade – released in Portuguese), a member of the APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and President of the Norwegian Association of Prenatal Education.  I have over fifteen years of experience and have taught hundreds of women worldwide. 


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