Welcoming Your Baby

Stress Free Pregnancy - Susana Lopes

Our baby lived for about ten months in the womb at around 37 degrees centigrade, warm, without much light, without much sound, the womb being his home, protected by amniotic fluid, in an aquatic world without weight or resistance. rocking from side to side and moving, stretching its limbs, listening to her mother's voice and noticing the influence that his father's voice has on her through her heartbeat, hormone production and bloodstream.


The external factors being lovely managed by his mother and hardly disturbing him, and suddenly, at the moment of his birth, he finds himself in a totally new environment, light in the place of darkness, air in the place of water, noise in the place of silence. Stimulus so diverse that it requires an immediate response, and the baby has incredible adaptability.


We can try to soften this passage into a whole new and stimulating world so that this moment will not be imprinted our babies' memory as a traumatic moment but as a  peaceful and happy bliss.

During labor, the mother should have chosen a place where she feels safe and ready to express herself as she likes, be rude or sweet, scream or be silent, put herself in unexpected positions and follow her intuition.

Assuming we are in normal labor, the mother may have a midwife or a doula at her side, suggesting that at the time of the baby's descent the lights in the room are dimmer, that silence prevails and that her voice is the first to be heard by the baby.

She can ask her baby to be placed on her lap as soon as it is born so that he feels the warmth of her chest and hears her heartbeat, promoting skin-to-skin contact that is so important for connection and facilitating the relationship of the two and the ability to love. In the peaceful embrace of the mother, the baby can naturally be motivated to breastfeed in the first half-hour of life, and the umbilical cord should only be cut when it stops delivering oxygen to the baby (when it stops pulsating).

If giving birth in water, the baby should be gently brought to the surface without any pressure. In the bedroom maybe only the mother, the father, the baby, and the people they think are important at birth. The mother may ask for pediatric examinations to be done with her baby in her arms or in her presence and for the father to dress and clean her baby. Then the mother or father can sing a song with which the baby has been familiar since his intrauterine life.

We want to rescue the warm atmosphere of the mother's belly, where the baby will feel more confident and comfortable, with her mother as a facilitator of a new stage in his life, projecting him or her through unconditional love and enhancing the strength of the cosmic bond between both mother and baby.


Without the perpetuation of maternal love, we cannot survive physically and emotionally.


When we welcome our baby after birth we entered the so-called “fourth trimester of pregnancy”, the first three months of a baby's life. Your baby needs you as much to survive as in your womb. This is the time when the mother begins to breastfeed, helping the baby in its survival, continued emotional and mental development, and adaptation to the outside world. Breast milk is a living, complete and natural food, adaptable to the baby's physiological and immune needs at every moment of his life.

Even if the mother is facing her own challenges after birth or while breastfeeding, let us not forget that both mother and baby are still continuing to work as a team and all the connection they shared during pregnancy trough the «red blood» of the mother is now being facilitated trough the «white blood» of the mother.

Breastfeeding is a unique and rewarding experience, it helps strengthen the bond and communication between mother and baby, develops the baby's psychomotor ability, enhances his self-esteem and safety, prevents more or less serious infections, allergies, and illnesses with benefits for the health and well-being of both.


The mother stimulates and transmits confidence and comfort to the baby to face this new stage of his life, transmitting love and positive energy.


The breastfeeding mother also produces a set of hormones that help uterine contraction, reduce blood loss and accelerate the process of returning the uterus to normal size after delivery.

The baby has also spent months snuggled up in the womb without much space, and most babies love us to replicate that warmth when we lap or cradle them when we cuddle them with a comfortable blanket. You can carry your baby with an appropriate sling so that your baby can feel your body and movement, just as it was inside your belly. You can put the songs you used during your pregnancy for your baby's peace of mind and relaxation, or just make skin-to-skin contact on your chest so you can feel it and hear your heart.

Once your baby is born, you can start your inner practice of peace and relaxation as soon as you can, or even share beautiful moments with your baby on a shared practice of yoga for mother and baby as soon as your doctor recommends, when you feel well and are more used to the new routine.

These classes will help you regain hormonal balance, regain your physical, energetic, emotional and mental fitness, making you stronger and more resilient to the life-changing that is now beginning. In my yoga classes for mothers and babies, I have babies from 3 weeks of age to 18 months, and it is the continuation of another fantastic sharing between mother and baby!


Who am I?

Hi! I am Susana, I am a prenatal educator and a yoga teacher. In my daily life, if I am not with my 3 kids, I a serve and give support to the needs of new mothers and their babies. I am the founder of the Stress Free Pregnancy Program to help pregnant women better control the stress of their daily lives and deeply connect with their baby inside.  

For me conscious pregnancy, birth and motherhood involve a much deeper connection to yourself, to your body, to your emotions, to the power of your femininity, and a deeper connection and communication with your baby as you surrender to the process of life. I am also the author of the book Yoga and Motherhood (Yoga e Maternidade – released in Portuguese), a member of the APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and President of the Norwegian Association of Prenatal Education.  I have over fifteen years of experience and have taught hundreds of women worldwide. 


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